BM Sofa Designs workers stage protests

BM Sofa Designs employees have downed their tools in protest against what they call ‘harsh working conditions’ from top management.
Over 20 workers have taken their grievances to the streets of Mzuzu to force the management to bow down to their demands.
Among others they are against working 6 days a week, not being paid for over time and being forced to buy safety gear for their day to day duties.
In a separate interview, Titus Masula one of the workers expressed dismay over the current working conditions.
“We are not happy, all we want is to be heard. Working 6 days including sunday’s it’s not on. We want the company to come out and tell us positive way out,” said Masula.
One of the protesters also revealed that all the workers have been told not to report to work until end this month.
“We have been told to report back on 30 this month, just because we ere protesting against the conditions this just shows that we are being treated like nobodies,” said Masula.

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