NEEF asked to invest more in civic education

A call has gone out to National Economic Empowerment Fund (NEEF) to invest more in Civic education aiming at clearing concerns of politicizing the countrywide loan scheme.

The concern was raised during first interface meeting that NEEF had with youth representative from the Northern region in Mzuzu.

Speaking to YONECO FM, Project’s Officer for Youth and Society Madalitso Magelegele said there is a need for NEEF to do more on Civic education to ensure that youths are aware that the fund is for all Malawians.

“There concerns of politicization of the loans, we are coming from an era were by only ruling party followers benefited more from the loans hence a need for NEEF to clear that out,” said Magelegele.

He added: “And to politicians, let it be known that they should stop using NEEF in their podium to avoid destructing the process.”

In his response, Acting Chief Executive Officer for National Economic Empowerment Fund (NEEF), Humphrey Mdyetseni said the organization will continue to engage youth representatives in all regions of the country so as to enhance knowledge among youths on NEEF loans.

“That is the reason we engaged the youths, and we will continue to engage  youth representatives in all regions of the country so as to Enhance knowledge among youths on NEEF loans, that is our goal and we will ensure that to happen,” said Mdyeseni.

Mdyeseni further expressed satisfaction on how disbursement of loans has started in the country.

“Since September we have seen progress and we are hopping to meet our expectations soon. So far the pace is good and promising,” said Mdyeseni.

Meanwhile National Economic Empowerment Fund Limited (NEEF), will host similar meetings in other regions to incorporate views of the youths on the loan process.

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