Motorbike taxi operators to drag Lilongwe City Council to court

The Association of Motorbike Taxi Operators in Lilongwe says it is contemplating of dragging Lilongwe City Council (LCC) to Court following the Council`s move of banning the motorbike taxi operators in the city`s Central Business District (CBD).

Since last week, police together with Council officials have been confiscating unregistered motorbikes including those operating taxi services in the city.

“In fact, we are running up and down only that we are having financial constraints but I think at end of few days will be in a position to get that injunction but right we are dealing with the courts to get that injunction,” said the Chairperson for the Association Prince Mpata.

Mpata has also faulted the both Lilongwe City Council and police for using what they call excessive force.

“We condemn the way the police are handling this issue because they are doing it very violently, imagine breaking a motorbike with a hammer.

“Instead of just confiscating it, they are breaking it, they are beating our boys, no that’s barbaric acts and I don’t know the government will tolerate the MPS to be doing such acts,” he said.

Mpata added that the Council snubbed their call for dialogue with the operators and opted for confiscation of the said bikes.

“In fact, we had a tip that there had a meeting but they did not call the delegation of the Association despite our call for dialogue with them.

“But the tip which we have is that LCC has released a cheque of K6.5 million to the Malawi Police Service (MPS) so that that money should help them with the logistics of chasing out the motorbike operators,” he said.

Lilongwe City Council was not immediately available for a comment.

Mpata has since appealed to fellow taxi operators to exercise patience and calm.

“I should appeal to all Lilongwe City motorbike taxi operators that that they have to keep calm, they don’t have to be violent, we as their leaders we are their running up and down doing everything possible so as we get the situation contained,” said Mpata.

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