Nigerian national reaches out to SRC kids

A Lilongwe-based Nigerian national Nwanyawma Chike has donated assorted items to children residing at the Social Rehabilitation Center (SRC) in Lilongwe.

According to Chike, the gesture was motivated from his is childhood background as he was once a kid and was loved by people for him to grew up to a responsible individual.

“I will continue to be assisting these kids with whatever I can, I know it’s a blessing when you reach out to those kids.

“For myself to be where I am, I was loved by people whom most I didn’t even knew neither they were my relatives but I was raised to be where I am,” said Chike.

Chike, who has been in Malawi for 6 years indicated that he has always desired to visit the Center and cheer up the children.

“It has always been my wish to cheer up such children of whom I understand they are in need as such they need to pe supported accordingly,” said Chike.

Chike has since made commitment to make more visits at the Centre after observing that children at the facility are going through different rehabilitation processes ranging from trauma and different moments hence the need to frequently cheering them.

Apart from the cheering the children, Chike also committed himself in a pledge to pay tuition fees in full to outstanding students as one way of supporting their academic endeavors.

There are currently 40 children residing at the Center with a composition of 19 girls and 21 boys.

The government Center is run in collaboration with a number of Non-Governmental Organisation (NGOs) led by Youth Net and Counselling (YONECO).

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