Govt urged to empower youths in environmental management

Environmental experts say government is still lugging behind in coming up with good environmental projects aimed at empowering the youth in order for them to fully participate in achieving 2063 vision agenda.

Speaking to YFM, Senior Advocacy and Public Relations Officer for Renew ‘N’ Able Malawi (RENAMA), Kenneth Mtago, said youth involvement in environmental management has been a challenge in the country since authorities do not show interest in investing adequate resources in the sector.

Mtago said: “Some might say government has involved the young people in some initiatives such as reforestation program but it shows the program lacks proper implementation.”

He said the people only participated in the projects just to benefit from little resources allocated in the projects during the tree planting exercise but there has been no focus of management and survival rate.

Mtago therefore said for the Agenda 2063 to be achieved, there is need for government to decentralize such programmes and ensure the availability of adequate resources.

He also suggested that government should work with the interested environmental youth organisations by giving them trainings and funding.

Mtago also bemoaned that most of the consultations conducted ahead of the implementation of Agenda 2063 were done through internet and most of the youths do not access to the platform hence left out.

The Malawi 2063 agenda highlights the significance of the youths, who contribute the majority of the country’s population, to be central in contributing towards its realization.

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