Hand-washing key in disease prevention

Ministry of health has acknowledged that hand washing practices as a Covid-19 preventive measure has a huge bearing in the prevention of diarrhoeal diseases such as Cholera and dysentery.

In an interview with Yoneco online, ministry of health spokesperson, Adrian Chikumbe, said there was no cholera case recorded in the 2020 cholera season and this can be attributed to improved hygiene practices.

“Studies show that about 52% of illnesses are caused by poor hygiene and sanitation, so with the Covid-19 we have been emphasizing on measures like hand washing which has also contributed to reduction of diseases caused by lack of hygiene,” Chikumbe said.

On the other hand Chikumbe also observed that the transmission of flu among learners has been reduced due to wearing of masks.

“We have also noticed that we have low prevalence of flu among learners, because flu is contagious but thanks to social distancing and masking up, the situation has improved,” he said.

He therefore appealed for continued good hygiene practices in order for the country to prevent more diseases.

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