Ministries strict on learners’ Covid-19 preventive measures

Ministries of education and health have called on all school authorities to ensure that learners are still adhering to Covid-19 preventive measures as the second term of the 2020/2021 academic calendar closes and when the 3rd term commences.

2020/2021 academic calendar comes to a closure on August 13.

In a joint statement the two ministries have outlined several steps that schools, colleges, learners, parents and guardians should follow in order to remain protected.

The statement advised the students to continue observing to Covid-19 guidelines including self-monitoring for signs and symptoms of the pandemic.

Reads part of the statement: “All students who tested positive for Covid-19 should continue to self-isolate until they are discharged from hospital by health workers.

“For those remaining in school, even when schools close, ensure adherence to all preventive measures and always make reference to schools, colleges, universities’ guide lines on Covid-19 released by the Ministry of Education in September 2020 which are being sent again to all education institutions.”

The statement also said cleaning of surfaces with soap and water or detergents should be a continuous process.

It further highlighted that when schools open all students will be screened upon return to schools and colleges for third term.

Those with signs and symptoms will be tested by using rapid Antigen test (AgRDTs) and those found positive will have to be isolated within the school premises.

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