Atrocities against persons with albinism worries Standing Voice

Standing Voice, an international non-governmental organisation which promotes and protects rights of people with albinism, has expressed dismay over the continued failure by the law enforcers in handling cases of atrocity against people with albinism in the country.

Standing Voice Malawi Country Director, Bonface Massah, said this following the death of Ian Muhamba, a person with albinism, who was murdered sometime back and his body was found few days later at Kachere in Blantyre and has been laid to rest on Monday.

Massah, who attended the burial ceremony, told Yoneco online that it is sad to note that initially when Muhamba’s body was found at Kachere, it was buried immediately on the scene without proper investigation as the police claimed that they did not realise that it was the body of a person with albinism.

Massah said: “The death of Ian Muhamba demonstrates the failure by our investigators to property investigate the case because we believe that since he was a person with albinism then further investigation were supposed to be conducted before the burial taking into account mysterious deaths happening on people with albinism.”

“But surprisingly he was just buried right on the scene without further investigations and more surprisingly the security officials who buried the body claimed that they didn’t realise it was the body of a person with albinism,” he said.

Massa therefore said failure by the Police to recognise the body of a person with albinism raises many questions to them as human rights defenders.

During the time of his fate, late Muhamba who hailed from Mulanje, was staying with his relatives in Bangwe where he went missing before his body was found a few days later in Kachere Township.

His body was exhumed and was taken to his home village in Mulanje where it was laid to rest on Monday.

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