Communal personnel faulted over record keeping in government

The Department of Print has bemoaned that inconsistency in allocation of staff to the department is affecting record keeping in government.

Comptroller of Government Print Steward Ligomeka made the complaint at Parliament Building in Lilongwe upon being summoned by the Public Accounts Committee of House.

According to Ligomeka, the activities in the Department are usually handled by common staff which he said becomes difficult when it comes to handling over of such documents.

“Keeping financial records is one of the most important things that any institution must do, especially us that are in the commercial business.

“Our department doesn’t have permanent staff, they are all communal, and this is negatively affecting consistency when it comes to record keeping of financial documents,” said Ligomeka.

He added that his Department has written the Accountant General’s (AG) office asking for consistency of its personnel.

He said: “We have pleaded with the AG’s office that when such staff is sent to our department should be with us for a considerable time in relation to their assigned duty.”

“It’s our hope that the AG will consider our prayer as matter of both concern and consistency in record financial keeping,” he said.

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