Parliament worried with inadequate teachers in public schools

The Education, Science and Technology Committee of Parliament says it worried with government`s delay to recruit teachers in the country’s primary public schools. 

Speaking to Yoneco FM, Chairperson for the Committee Brainax Kaise said it has been long time since government made the pledge that it intends to recruit newly graduated teachers but no progress has been made ever since.

“This issue is a long outstanding issue, as you are aware during the budget session, our Committee seriously engaged with Ministries of finance and education to recruit the newly graduated teachers.

“I have been told that in the near future, these teachers will be employed and we are still following this issue as a Committee,” said Kaise.

He said the delay is negatively impacting the country’s education sector as the teacher-pupil ratio is continuing rising in most public primary schools.

“The way it now, it hugely impacting the country’s education standards, children are being clouded in a single classroom only to be taught by a single teacher all day.

“We hope that responsible authorities will treat the matter with the seriousness it deserves in order to avoid compromising the quality of education,” said Kaise.

Both ministries of education and finance are yet to comment on the issue.

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