Parliament disowns tolls implementation

The Transport Committee of Parliament says the newly introduced tolls cannot be effected because the regulation did not pass through the House as a subsidiary legislation.

The development follows the gazzetting of Roads Administration Tolls Regulations that will see motorists paying tariffs at Kalinyeke and Chingeni toll gates effective September 1, 2021.

But reacting to the development, Chairperson of the Committee Uchizi Mkandawire has described the tolls as unlawful.

“According to law, subsidiary legislation before it can be effected it is supposed to be laid on the table in Parliament.

“So that process has not be done in as far as we are concerned and therefore our expectation is that these tariffs cannot start working on 1st September that would be against the law,” said Mkandawire.

Uchizi added that his Committee will take up the matter and summon relevant stakeholders for a roundtable discussion.

“The issue that the tollgate are effective September 1 is also news to us and that being the case we will take up this issue with relevant authority that is Roads Fund Administration and the current Ministry of Transport and Public Works.

“We will be liaising with those relevant authorities to see what would be the best way forward because those tariffs are supposed to come to parliament for members to look at is before they start working,” said Mkandawire.

Meanwhile, officials from Ministry of Finance have asked for more time before they comment whilst Ministry of Justice Spokesperson Pilirani Masanjala says the Ministry cannot comment on the matter.

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