MDBNL appeals for government funding

The Malawi Digital Broadcasting Network Limited (MDBNL) has pleaded with Parliament to consider lobbying funds for smooth implementation of its digital broadcasting activities.

MDBNL Chief Executive Officer Denis Chirwa has told the Media, Information and Communications Committee of Parliament the Network that since its establishment in 2015, the company has been sailing through challenges to penetrate through the broadcasting market.

“But when it comes to business we are the same playing field so we have shared with them the interventions that we are planning to put in place to ensure that we penetrate the market,” he said.

Chirwa however expressed optimism with various innovative ideas that the MDBNL is working on, they are prospects that the Company will register the projected progress.

“We are entering into the market where we already know that there are giants but when it comes to business we are the same playing field.

“When you are coming out into the market, you look at the product as to what product is missing and already on the market, where are the gaps so those things yes we have the potential,” said Chirwa.

Vice Chairperson of the Committee Suzan Dossi said if well financially supported, MDBNL has a potential of advancing its services aiming at profit making whilst serving Malawians well.

She said: “As a Committee what we have assured them is that we will try our best to lobby that government should at least give them this funding.

“MDBNL has a potential to grow and according to them they decided to have a pay service so that they should be able to have extra money, they shouldn’t just wait from the government to be assisting them.”

MDBNL is mandated to provide two services of social responsibility by making sure that Malawians have access to TV and the other aspect is the pay service that they have just started.

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