MP vows to take fertilizer bill to Parliament

Legislator for Blantyre City South East Sammeer Suleman has threatened that he will bring Private Member’s Bill (PMB) on fertilizer to Parliament in the forthcoming November sitting of the House if government fails to bring one it has been drafting for years.

Suleman, who also chairperson for the parliamentary committee on agriculture, said the exorbitant rise in fertilizer prices can only be cushioned if the fertiliser market is well regulated and monitored.

He said: “Enough is enough here is no way a Malawian ill afford MK40, 000 for a bag of fertiliser.”

“For example if you buy two bags of fertilizer for your field you are only going to harvest about maximum seven bags of maize, do the math, it’s not even worth going to the field anymore for a farmer.”

Suleman added that lack of political interest over the matter is leaving poor farmers in dire straits following the rise in fertiliser prices amid serious economic challenges rocking the country.

“You cannot talk of regulating maze prices when you are not regulating fertiliser prices, it doesn’t make sense, and we also pushing to have the fertiliser bill come in the next sitting of Parliament.

“We have been waiting for government to bring it but up to now nothing has been done, and as chairperson for the agriculture committee, I am saying it today that if government fails to bring in November sitting, I will bring it as PMB,” said the Blantyre City South East lawmaker.

Addressing the nation recently, President Lazarus Chakwera assured farmers in the country that his administration will ensure that the price of fertilizer is reduced to an affordable price.

Some quarters have reasoned that the rise in fertiliser prices; which is now over K30, 000, is the work of a cartel aiming at siphoning government funds through the Affordable Inputs Programme (AIP).

Meanwhile, the Malawi Leader is expected to address the nation on his government`s next move of action of the fertiliser prices.

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