CAMA urges Chakwera to trim cabinet

The Consumers Association of Malawi (CAMA) has asked President Chakwera to trim his cabinet saying it is choking the country’s economy.

Through a statement the Executive Director for CAMA, John Kapito said some ministries lack leadership which has contributed to poor service delivery.

Kapito said some of the cabinet ministers are clueless and ignorant about their roles where some ministers have simply turned their offices as vending places for their own businesses as such they are not worthy serving the government and that the country’s struggling economy cannot sustain them.

Although Kapito was quick to acknowledge being granted audience by the president on the matter where they proposed their recommendations, there has not been any feedback to date.

He said President Chakwera should be compelled to have a cabinet of individuals that should help him bring sanity and confidence in his administration.

Kapito as consumers they need Chakwera to appoint a team that is capable of implementing their shared vision of improving the livelihoods of Malawi.

At that he said although Chakwera might have good intentions towards improving the livelihood of Malawians he would be unable to attain the set goals with the current crop of ministers.

The calls from CAMA are also coming at a time when various sectors and institutions including the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) have been calling on Chakwera to trim and reshuffle the cabinet.

Since Chakwera took over the country’s leadership and appointed the current cabinet members he has not reshuffled his cabinet.

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