Few health workers vaccinate against Covid-19

Ministry of Health has expressed worry over the low number of health workers that have received AstraZeneca vaccine.

In a document made available to YONECO FM online, which showed segregated data of groups that have received the vaccine, at least 73,986 health workers have gotten the jab.

Spokesperson in the ministry of health Adrian Chikumbe described the development as discouraging and hoped that it improves.

“We are looking at the whole population because the health workers are human beings first it’s not impressive, they could have done better,” said Chikumbe.

Asked on what steps the Ministry has taken to ensure health workers are getting vaccinated, Chikumbe was quick to say that: “Its personal individual has to weigh the risks of not getting the vaccine as well as the benefits.”

Reacting to this, health rights campaigner Maziko Matemba said health workers should lead by example by getting vaccinated against Covid-19.

He went on to say that health workers are more exposed to Covid-19 patients hence putting their lives at risk which calls for sound decisions.

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