Malawi far from clean cooking

Environmentalist Herbert Mwalukomo has indicated that Malawi is failing to adopt cleaner sources of cooking because of several factors.

According to Mwalukomo, one of the factors is limited unavailability of cleaner sources of energy such as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), gas and briquettes among others.

But Mwalukomo encouraged people who can afford to use the available cleaner cooking sources to do so in order for Malawi to reduce the effects it has on the environment.

“There is a general reluctance even for people who can afford and can access cleaner ways of cooking especially in the urban areas, the penetration is generally slow,” he said.

Mwalukomo also called on government to ensure that the cleaner sources of cooking are available.

Less than 30% of Malawians have access to electricity which forces most households to use firewood or charcoal ,the  development has nonetheless put pressure on Malawi’s forests.

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