Government commits to support youth, women, children.

Government has committed to support interventions aimed at promoting and protecting the rights of youth women and children in the country.

The Minister of information, Gospel Kazako, made the remarks during a familiarization tour he made to Youth Net and Counseling (YONECO) head office on Friday.

Kazako among other things commended the organization’s various interventions saying they are not only protecting the vulnerable population but also key in bolstering the country’s development.

“YONECO is really doing a commendable job in enhancing the rights of youth, women and children and these are the interventions that need to be amplified at all times,” he said.

Kazako added: “as government we will create conducive environment in which they can operate, we know some of the challenges they have shared and we will go to the ministry and explore how best we can support and assist them on the matter.”

On his part YONECO’s Executive Director, MacBain Mkandawire, said the minister’s visit is encouraging and motivating in regards to their operations.

Mkandawire said although they have been hit by various challenges in reaching out to the youth among others, they are still committed to serve the communities through their interventions.

“Our interventions such as the radio has had a lot of impact on the people we serve, we can see an increase in number of children participating in the programs. However issues of internet still remain a challenge, at the moment most radios broadcast through internet and inadequate ICT infrastructure is somehow affecting us to reach out to the youth.”

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