State witnesses wind up testifying in Karim case

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has winded parading witnesses in a money laundering case involving businessman Zameer Karim and ECOBANK employee Victoria Chadza.

A total of 6 witnesses including some officials from ECOBANK, handwriting expert and police investigators have tendered evidence in a case in which the two are being accused of money laundering amounting to K150 million.

The development means that presiding magistrate Patrick Chirwa is left with a task to examine the evidence before him and rule on whether Karim and Chadza have a case to answer or not.

DPP Dr. Steven Kayuni has also requested the court to allow him amend one the four charges leveled against the accused persons.

Speaking in an interview, Kayuni believes he has presented a strong case before the court.

He said: “It is the honourable court`s duty to decipher the evidence and make sense of it. We have made our case in court through the two witnesses, so it’s for the honourable court to make its decision at the end of the day.”

However, lawyer representing Victoria Chadza who is the second accused, Tamando Chokhotho, said all the six witnesses have failed to link his client to the charges leveled against her.

“The fact remains that of all the 6 witnesses not a single one of them has been able to show any piece of evidence against Mrs. Victoria Chanza and we are actually wondering she is being dragged along with this case all this time,” wondered Chokotho.

Hearing of the case is expected to resume on 28th September 2021 where the accused are expected to take plea.

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