Analyst tips UTM on squabbles

By Esnart Chingwalu

An advice has gone out to authorities in the UTM party to swiftly address squabbles that have lead to resignation of top officials.

This follows the resignation of two top officials Bon Kalindo, who was director of youth and Henry Gonani, Southern Region Secretary in the past seven days.

University of Livingstonia based political commentator George Phiri told YONECO FM Online, the resignations signify that there are concerns in the party that need to be addressed with haste.

Phiri warned that failure to solve the concerns will automatically affect the party if it has plans to contest in the 2025 tripartite elections.

“The resignation of Henry Gonani and Bon Kalindo means that there is something wrong in the party which needs immediate address,” he said.

“This is the time that UTM party needs strong leaders like these people who are moving out of the party so the leadership should strengthen the party ahead of 2025 tripartite election.”

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