Police asked to work professionally

Esnart Chingwalu

A plea has gone out to law enforcers in the country to work professionally in providing protection during demonstrations.

Bon Kalindo, former Parliamentarian for Mulanje South Constituency, made this plea following demonstrations that he conducted in the city of Blantyre which eventually saw running battles between the protesters and police.

Kalindo described the running battles as worrisome. He however expressed gratitude that despite the situation the protesters managed to deliver the petition.

“As protesters we were not satisfied with how the demos were done in Blantyre as we were harassed teargas was all over which caused some compromises to the situation,” he said.

He emphasized that he will proceed with his planned Friday 26 November demonstrations in the city of Lilongwe despite the threats that he is receiving to prevent him from continuing with the protests.

“I am pushing an agenda that will benefit Malawians so if others are coming in to say we are not allowed to do the demos saying it is their territory that a very big joke and we are not buying it instead we will continue with our planned demonstration this Friday in Lilongwe,” said Kalindo.

He also appealed to police to continue provide required protection in the forthcoming demonstrations in Lilongwe and Mzuzu.

“It’s my plea to police that they should work professional because they are there to protect the protesters not teargasing them as it was in Blantyre,” said Kalindo.

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