Government commits to promote sign language

Government says it is committed to improve lives of children who are deaf.

Deputy Minister of Gender Agnes Nkusa Nkhoma made the remarks at the commemoration of the International Day of Sign languages held in the area of Traditional Authority (TA) Mkagula in Zomba.

“We are planning to train and recruit about five hundred sign language interpreters to ensure that they assist in schools and other social services,” Nkusa Nkhoma said.

Nkusa Nkhoma also issued a stern warning to parents and guardians who hide children that are deaf saying they are infringing on their rights and therefore they will face the law.

“I am glad that people in this area are educating their deaf children I was impressed to see a girl who has gone up to college, such examples are encouraging, and I urge other parents to draw lessons from this.”

Concurring with Nkusa Nkhoma, TA Mkagula said it is important for parents who have children who are deaf to ensure they maximize the potential of those children.

“Children that are deaf have so much potential and it is only right that they are free to maximize that potential and contribute towards the countries social economic development,” TA Mkagula said.

The traditional leader also appealed to government to ensure it creates job opportunities for persons with hearing impairments so as to improve their lives.

MANAD board chairperson Stephano Maneya emphasized on the importance of recruiting sign language interpreters so as to ease access to education for learners who are deaf.

“Learners who are deaf are facing hurdles, we are glad that the ministry has hinted on recruiting sign language interpreters in schools this will go a long way in easing the learning process for learners who are deaf,” Maneya said.

The International Day of Sign languages was commemorated under the theme “Sign Languages Unites Us”.

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