LSF unveils plans for a specialised hospital

The Lilongwe Sunni Foundation (LSF), the capital based Muslim religious community body, has unveiled plans to expand its newly opened community hospital at Area 3 to a state-of-the-art facility that will provide specialised treatment on cases that requires special attention outside the country.

According to Chairperson of the foundation’s board of trustees, Mamzoor Bheda, the plan has come to help less privileged Malawians who cannot afford special treatment outside the country.

“The motive arises from service to the committee, as a religious body, it is within our mandate to look after our people and care for the poor and underprivileged,” said Bheda.

On his part, the foundation’s Chairperson, Amir Patel, said the community hospital whose construction has taken seven years to be in operational, noted that Malawians are spending huge sums of money in travelling expenses and accommodation for them to access treatment outside the country.

Meanwhile, LSF has hinted that an official launch of the foundation’s health facility in the community will take place soon after all necessities have been furnished.

He said the recent ceremony has been done just for the community to appreciate where their funds have been channeled.

“We have started from grassroots level, although we have started with a small scale of normal physicians but our plans are very big and with the help of God, very soon we will bring all specialised facilities at the center with the help of our donors from the community,” said Patel.

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