Egenco restores power after system shutdown

The Electricity Generation Company (Egenco) says it has resumed power generation both at its Nkula and Tedzani power stations.

The resumption follows the halting of the machines yesterday due to excessive trash and very high water levels caused by Tropical Cyclone Freddy.

According to a statement released by Egenco yesterday, the generation of power has been unstable due to Cyclone Freddy which has negatively impacted most parts of the Southern and Eastern regions.

Reads the statement: “Egenco wishes to notify all stakeholders and the general public that we are experiencing an unstable generation system due to Cyclone Freddy that the nation is currently experiencing mostly in the Southern and Eastern regions.

“Because of the continuous heavy rains in most parts affected by the cyclone, all the tributaries of the Shire River are flooded thereby sweeping away a lot of trash and bringing it to the power stations.”

The development resulted the country experiencing a total system shutdown yesterday Monday afternoon.

In a separate statement released Tuesday morning, Egenco says the clearing of the trash and a drop in water levels has resulted in power generation resumption.

“Egenco wishes to update all stakeholders and the general public that we have now resumed power generation at both Nkula and Tedzani Power stations.

“This follows the clearing of the trash and a drop in the water levels. We started running machines at Nkula at 12:07 hours and Tedzani at 1:28 hours respectively,” reads the statement.

The Company has however cautioned that the system remains volatile due to persistent rainfall currently being received in Shire River catchment areas.

According to Egenco, chances of further accumulation of trash and rise of Shire River water levels are still high.

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