MEC hands over by-elections polling materials to Parliament

The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has on Monday handed over to Malawi Parliament polling records for Mtiya Ward in Zomba and Dedza Central by-election.

MEC Commissioner Richard Chapweteka said the development is in accordance with the amended electoral laws which directed that both parliamentary and local government polling records be handed to the august House after elections.

He said: “It’s illegal requirement that you know, after any fault any poll then MEC has to hand over the poll records to the Malawi parliament. Previously, it used to be the parliamentary and presidential records only. But the law was reviewed and revised, now it includes the local government, elections records as well.”

Chapweteka added that the records will only be disposed of upon expiry of a four-month period.

“So, Parliament keeps these records for a period of four months after which they have to be disposed of, but the dispose itself is a public event because we what everybody knows and see for themselves that you know,” Chapweteka said.

Upon receiving the records, deputy clerk of parliament responsible for corporate services Chikondi Kachinjika said once the four-months elapse, Parliament will publicly dispose of the polling records.

“As Parliament, we are always very excited to receive these records. It’s part of our contribution to the democratic governance of Malawi. It challenges us at every point to receive it, but our assurances are that we will always ensure that we keep those records safe.

“We are supposed to destroy them within the period of within the period of four months. The only advantage for us is we have at least managed to keep it according to the statutory requirements. So we are within the law,” Kachinjika said.

Mtiya Ward by-elections were held on September 26, 2023, while the Dedza Central by-election was held on November 16, 2023.

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