Fedoma for more disability representation in Parliament

Federation of People with Disability in Malawi (FEDOMA) has expressed concern over the minimal inclusion of people with disabilities policy and decision making positions in the country.

FEDOMA Executive Director Action Amos has said this as Malawi prepares for the 2019 tripartite elections.

FEDOMA Executive Director Action Amos, said there is need for introduction of more initiatives that will ensure that more people with disabilities in holding decision making positions.

Amos asked government to consider introducing some measures that will ensure that people with disabilities have self-representation in Parliament as is the case with women.

“There is a report from the Law Commission which is proposing to have some seats reserved for special competition for women so we are thinking the same should also apply to persons with disabilities,” he said.

Amos further appealed to people with disabilities to develop interest in holding different decision making positions of the country.

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