FUM calls for more FISP reforms

Farmers Union of Malawi (FUM) has called upon government to shift the Farm Input Subsidy Program (FISP) from small scale farmers to medium and large scale farmers as one way of maximizing its benefits.

The request has been made following increased reports of beneficiaries selling coupons to vendors which in the end do not serve the intended purpose of the program.

FUM President, Alfred Kapichipila Banda, wondered as to why government is still giving the coupons to the farmers yet they are not utilizing the chances given to them.

“There is no way the Government has to rely on the small farmers to develop the country, it would be better if the program had been shifted to the medium and large scale farmers because they are very serious people,” he said.

Kapichira Banda added: “The market is dominated by the medium and large scale farmers so by doing that the country can forge ahead.”

He said small scale farmers usually sell the coupons because they have nothing that can help them and when this season comes they only find solace in the coupons.

Fisp is a program which was set by the Malawi Government in order to ensure food security among poor households.

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