National mobilisation, civic and voter education campaign for 2019 polls launched

National initiative for Civic Education (NICE Trust) on Saturday launched the National Mobilization, Civic and Voter Education for the 2019 Tripartite Elections aimed at urging Malawians to register and turn up in big numbers to vote.

Speaking during the launch which took place in Kasungu district, the board chairperson for the trust Susan Kaunda said the organization is geared to ensure that people turn out in large numbers to register and vote in the fourth coming tripartite elections.

“We would like to implore citizens to take civic education seriously as it counts for their ability to vote for the right leaders as the electoral body is set to begin voter registration on June 26,” Kaunda said.

He added that the trust will implement various activities across the country to educate people on the significance of exercising their right to choose leaders who can bring a meaningful development to the country.

In her remarks, the guest of honour who is also the minister of civic education, culture and community development Grace Obama Chiumia hailed NICE for launching such a campaign which is integral in ensuring credible, free and fair elections.

“We need activities that are designed to systematically registered every eligible voter and give them information about voting procedures and electoral choices,” Chiumia said.

Among other activities that spiced up the day were traditional dances, performance by Skeffa Chimoto and a football match.

NICE trust will implement the activities with funding from the European Union.

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