Teachers warn of national strike

Teachers in the country have warned that they will down their tools from July 9 if the government will not give them their arrears by June 30.

Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) Secretary General, Charles Kumchenga, said the body has lost trust in government’s empty promises.

“Government is cheating us because it is like a blame game, the government at a central point is blaming the District Commissioners (DCs) but the DCs are saying they have not received the money,” he told YFM in a telephone interview.

Kumchenga said the union already informed the government about the impending national strike.

“We have written the government to inform them about the nationwide strike and the teachers are very ready about that.”

Kumchenga warned that the development will also affect the administration of examinations.

He said apart from arrears, the strike will allow teachers to raise other issues which are greatly affecting them.

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