Gov’t urged to improve social protection for Malawians

Malawi Economic Justice Network (MEJN) says that the country’s governance is still not doing enough to ensure that the less privileged Malawian’s socio-economic status is being improved.

MEJN Regional Director Mike Banda was commenting on how the country’s budget allocations directly affect Malawians as Parliament is currently deliberating the 2021/22 national budget.

Banda says that the country is experiencing challenges in several sectors most especially the social services such as the health sector which means there are gaps in effectively delivering services.

Banda said: “We can not say we are doing enough because we still have a lot of challenges in almost all sectors.

“More especially the social sectors where government is supposed to provide basic amenities like the health sector and education sector.”

He further to this he alluded to the social protection policy which has a number of programs like the “Ntukula pa khomo” initiative which does not fully fulfill its purpose.

According to Banda the funds given to the beneficiaries of this program are not sufficient which raises the question of alleviating the poverty that the beneficiaries are in.

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