Parliament nods to envoys, no show for Chaima Banda

The Public Appointments Committee of Parliament (PAC) has confirmed a total of 18 heads of mission to different countries following their appointments by President Lazarus Chakwera.

PAC Chairperson Joyce Chitsulo has told Yoneco FM that the Committee is satisfied with both qualification and competence of the appointees.

“We had requested them to do a presentation on what their vision is like and how they think they will be able to promote further the relationship that is there between Malawi and the countries they are going to.

“We are talking of appointees here who have been working in very senior positions within Malawi and outside Malawi and they are not the caliber of people who are just going there to do tourism,” said Chitsulo.

However, one of the appointees Chris Chaima Banda who was designated for Brazil did not show up during the confirmation hearing which, according to the Chairperson, President Chakwera has to appoint another person.

Chitsulo added that PAC is optimistic that the envoys will execute the diplomatic duties to the best interest of Malawians and that the Committee will be monitoring their performance.

She said: “We are expecting that when they are there they are going to conduct themselves professionally because that’s what we are looking for as a country and we believe they are going to perform according to expectations.”

“We believe they are people that are professionals, we have told them that we will be monitoring them and see if Malawi is really benefitting,” she said.

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